ZS POWER ZS Power VP3000-A 3000psi High Pressure Washer

ZS POWER VP3000-A 3000psi High Pressure Washer Predator Power

  • $579.00

ZS POWER VP3000-A 3000psi High Pressure Washer

Need to clean up the outside of your house, driveway or decking? Maybe you need to prep for a paint job or wash your car/boat? With 3000psi and 9LPM, our ZS Power high pressure washer (VP3000-A) is going to cut through dirt and grime and is nicely portable – you can clean anything with this powerful pressure washer. This pressure cleaner is perfect for domestic or small business use where you need a more powerful high pressure washer at a very reasonable price. All ZS power engines have a cast iron liner and full commercial construction and we have fantastic warranty for your complete peace of mind. Quality and durability are nothing without support. We carry spare parts and give an industry leading 2-year warranty on design, assembly and materials to ensure you get simply the very best support, whenever you need it.

Model VP3000-A
Pump Type Axial Cam Pump
Max Pressure (psi) 3000
Max Flow (L/Min) 9
Adjustable Pressure No
Thermal Release Valve Yes
Chemical Injector Type Soap Tank
EZ-Start Pump Valve Yes
Running Time (Hrs) 1
Hose Length (m) 7.6
Hose Connectors M22
Turbo Nozzle No
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 1.4
Weight (kg) 24
Packing Dimensions (cm) LxWxH 57 x 50 x 63
Engine XP200A
Emissions EPA


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