Air Needle Scaler, 4,600bpm: Ingersoll Rand 125

Air Needle Scaler, 4,600bpm: Ingersoll Rand 125

  • $395.00

This Ingersoll Rand pneumatic needle scaler 125 gives a high power performance that will rapidly remove and chip away at any debris, making it capable of peeling an area back to bare metal in seconds.

By using compressed air power it allows the pistons and needles to create a motion that reduces the amount of time it takes to strip paint from metal surfaces. This diverse tool is excellent for getting into tight hard to reach spaces and is ideal for metal work applications such as automotive, bridge maintenance, ships or even home repair. 

Unmatched Performance
Established in 1905, Ingersoll Rand has positioned itself as one of the most trusted names in the design and manufacture of pneumatic and cordless tool technologies. Popular with both professionals and the home handyman alike, the Ingersoll Rand air and cordless tool ranges are built with the power and durability that makes tackling the toughest jobs a walk in the park. All Ingersoll Rand tools are engineered with time-proven technology that makes them consistently reliable with unmatched power-to-weight ratios. If you are looking for high-performance tools that get the job done, then you can’t beat Ingersoll Rand.

Technical Specifications
Category Scalers
BPM 4600
Avg. Air Consumption (CFM) 8
Length 465mm