Borum CH30-CG Flexible Chuck Guard to suit CH30

Borum CH30-CG Flexible Chuck Guard to suit CH30

  • $45.00

Borum CH30-CG Flexible Chuck Guard to suit CH30

This injection molded, high impact polycarbonate telescopic Borum Chuck Guard shield helps protect machine operators from flying debris and entanglement hazards. In the operating position the guard is securely locked in the closed position by a spring-loaded plunger pin assembly, when released the guard hinges up allowing instant access for drill and chuck change. Flip-up design with a clear Perspex guard that is adjustable for height.

When you are using a Borum drill guard, safety should be your main concern. There are certain measures that need to be taken whenever you are working with this type of drilling machine. Whilst many safety measures are required to correspond to OH&S safety regulations, others are simply necessary when working in an environment with heavy drilling equipment, and sometimes dangerous machinery.

WARNING: Chuck guards can shift while they are in use and you need to make sure that yours is in the correct position before you begin operating the drill. The guard should not hinder you from your work but it should also be in the appropriate position to protect you from materials that could cause physical damage when flung from the drill. These guards will also protect you in the event that a piece of your clothing or hair finds its way too close to the drill as the guard will stop it from getting caught in the drill mechanism.



  • Clear vision for safe operation
  • Easy adjustment for drill length
  • Fast flip-up access for drill bit changes
  • Protects the operator from accidental contact with moving parts or flying debris



  • Designed for use with Borum Drill Press model: CH30

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