Borum Keyless Chuck

Borum HDKC Keyless Chuck Heavy Duty

  • $89.00

Borum HDKC Keyless Chuck Heavy Duty

This precision milled, heavy duty Borum Industrial Keyless Chuck with a large diameter knurled body provides plenty of hand torque for tightening. Industrial grade keyless chucks are excellent for quick changes of bits. Knurled grips and exceptional accuracy make these chucks an indispensable part of any professional workshop. Perfect for use on Borum Industrial drill presses, lathe tailstocks and millling machines. Three 5/16" diameter holes are provided for use with a spanner wrench (not included) to provide extra tightening.

A keyless chuck is usually reserved for high precision, accurate holding of jobber drills in a milling machine or lathe; due to more controlled conditions.  Although the keyless drill chuck is preferred by most as it is quicker and no key to lose - it is not always the best choice for professionals.


  • Self tightening
  • Quality metal texture
  • Comfortable jacket surface
  • Easy to clamp
  • Unique thrust bearing facilitates torque into stronger clamping force
  • Practical convex and concave design reduces jacket shake
  • Suitable for drill machines, milling machines, lathes, boring lathes and quality electric hand tools


  • Drilling Range: 1/32" - 5/8"
  • Mount Type: Jacobs Taper #3
  • Outside Diameter: 53mm
  • Length: 100mm