Petronas akclela plus 15w-40 1000l engine oil

PETRONAS Akcela Engine Oil PLUS 15W-40 1000L 74662931AU

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PETRONAS Akcela Engine Oil PLUS 15W-40 1000L

Description and Applications

PETRONAS Akcela Engine Oil PLUS 15W-40 is a mineral based engine oil dedicated to agricultural and construction machinery, able to keep their efficiency and offering a longer life-cycle by protecting from oxidation, decomposition, wear, and keeping an optimal pistons’ cleanliness and viscosity stability. Perfect solution for high and long-lasting performances for your hard-daily work, protecting your tireless machinery from loss of performances and unplanned downtimes. PETRONAS Akcela Engine Oil PLUS 15W-40 is suitable for all types of heavy-duty diesel applications including modern, high-output, low emission engines fitted with emission control system using SCR and EGR technology. It is also suitable for new and old turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines, both on-highway and off highway, running on high or ultra-low Sulphur diesel and bio-diesel. Its formulation, compliant with the API CI-4, keeps the acidic level under control, preventing corrosion and increasing the durability and the life of your engine and combats high concentration of soot build ups, critical to prevent loss of horsepower.

Approvals, Specifications and Recommendations Specifications:

• ACEA E7 • API CI-4, CH-4 / API SL

• Global DHD-1 Performance Level:

• CNH MAT 3507

• CASE MS 1121

• Cummins CES 20078/20076

Note: Always consult your owner’s manual to check recommended viscosity grade and specifications for your specific vehicle

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