petronas urania fe 5w-30 20l engine oil

Petronas Urania FE 5W-30 20L 71520R41EU

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Petronas Urania FE 5W-30 20L


Petronas Urania FE 5W-30 Is a synthetic engine oil for all industrial and commercial vehicles



 Fully synthetic engine oil for all industrial vehicles and commercial vehicles with diesel engines. Developed by Petronas Lubricants, in collaboration with Iveco, in order to exceed the maximum technological standards and requirements of the market, extension of the oil change intervals, advanced engine protection and exceptional savings on the fuel.


 URANIA FE exceeds every technological demand for the latest generation of engines, as well as being financially efficient.
The main characteristics are:

  • Absolute protection of the engine during oil change intervals that exceed 150,000 km;
  • Specific viscosity grade prescription allows for use in rigid climates with maximum results in very extreme climatic conditions whether hot or cold;
  • Specific Fuel Economy formulation is obtained with innovative synthetic bases and additives, Urania FE reduces fuel consumption by up to 4%;
  • Easy cold start as well as high constant pressure in the lubricant circuit at all working and climatic temperatures;
  • Qualities and performances to be able to exceed of all the maximum international specifications
    that are issued from single Manufacturers.

Urania FE widely exceeds the technological and qualitative requirements of all the European Constructors of industrial vehicles and can therefore be used for all types of diesel engines, guaranteeing, however, the best results on newer models.