Tradequip 2601 Transmission Lifter  (Jack)  1750kg

Tradequip 2601 Transmission Lifter (Jack) 1750kg

  • $1,265.00

Tradequip 2601 Transmission Lifter (Jack) 1750kg

This Heavy Duty TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" Truck Transmission Lifter is a welded frame body design which is easily maneuvoured across the workshop floor. It is designed with a cantilever rod connected to a self leveling sturdy transmission cradle plate. The lifting arm and cradle plate is connected with a cantilever rod structure, and the other end of the lifting arm is movably connected with the frame body. The frame comprises a vertical column which is connected to a horizontal crane style boom that is respectively and symmetrically arranged. This unique design has advantages that include: the lifting of the cradle plate has excellent guiding capability and movable flexibility and the lifting action is safe and reliable; the adoption of a cantilever-type cradle plate has simple structure and the structure is especially suitable for the lifting of heavy transmissions; the transmission lifter has excellent structural strength and service life compared to telescopic models.

Designed in Australia for heavy duty and commercial applications
  • 4 Way Tilt Action
  • Adjustable Support Brackets and Chains
  • Swivel Wheels
  • Self-Levelling Top
  • Heavy Construction
  • Safe Working Capacity: 1,750kg
  • Hydraulic Unit Capacity: 10,000kg
  • Minimum Height: 290mm
  • Maximum Height: 670mm
  • Cradle Dimension: 520 x 355mm
  • Length: 1170mm
  • Width: 660mm
  • Nett Weight: 80kg
  • Carton: 1230 x 700 x 330mm
  • Gross Weight: 90kg

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