Tradequip 3031 Blasting Cabinet 420 Litre (Sand Blaster)

Tradequip 3031 Blasting Cabinet 420 Litre (Sand Blaster)

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Tradequip 3031 Blasting Cabinet 420 Litre (Sand Blaster)

The TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" 3031 sandblast cabinet features dual side doors and a large front door for easy loading and unloading. It has excellent lighting and a very powerful vacuum system. The lower hopper stores the abrasive material for use and reuse and opens easily to allow easy removal of any media. 

The cabinet can be constantly connected to your air supply and is ready for immediate use when you step on the pedal. Use this sandblasting cabinet to remove scale or heavy rust from automotive parts, clean up rusty tools, etch glass, or any other special application. 

This machine incorporates a powerful vacuum system that keeps the work area free of "floating" rust and used abrasive media particles. After the media particles “slams against” the surface to be cleaned, a portion of the media is "destroyed" and becomes almost weightless. The vacuum system removes the "floating" rust particles and the "used up" media particles whilst the “good beads’ fall back into the hopper below the work surface.

The 3031 uses a foot pedal to control the speed and flow of abrasives from the air gun. The foot pedal allows the operator to just “hold and point” the gun rather than the need to “pull the trigger” of the sandblast gun which can be very cumbersome.

TQB Brands offers a full line of parts and accessories for our sandblast cabinets. We supply replacement gloves, peel-off lenses, blast guns and replacement nozzles along with many other sandblasting cabinet parts.


  • Pistol Grip Blasting Gun
  • Air Regulator and Gauge Panel
  • Includes 240V Dust Extraction System - Single Phase
  • Powder Coated Inside and Out
  • Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Steel Legs and 16 Gauge Panels
  • Abrasive Large Particle Separating Screen and Clean-out Door
  • Heavy Duty Foot Valve Assembly with Steel Housing and High Production Brass Flow Valve
  • Perforated Steel Flooring
  • Natural Rubber / Vinyl Blasting Gloves
  • Internal Fluorescent Lighting System (2 x 18w)
  • Spare parts available in Australia 


  • Working Pressure: 60-125psi (Optimum approx 80psi)
  • Recommended Free Air Delivery: 680L/min. @ 100psi
  • Internal Working Cabinet: 1200(W) x 600(H) x 570(D)mm
  • Tempered Glass View Window: 570 x 270mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 1700(H) x 1300(W) x 900(D)mm
  • Weight: 157kg
  • Carton: 1280 x 1250 x 760mm