Tradequip 8032 Truck Wheel Nut Wrench

Tradequip 8032 Truck Wheel Nut Wrench

  • $125.00

Tradequip 8032 Truck Wheel Nut Wrench


Designed to loosen over-torqued, rusted or corroded nuts from the wheel face/stud.

This TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" Torque Multiplier is ideal for removing/installing wheel nuts on commercial and light commercial vehicles when an air impact wrench is not easily accessible. Supplied in carry-case with rubber gripped handle, 210mm extension for spinning of loosened nut and 27+38mm impact socket. Suitable for Trucks, Buses, RVs and Other Heavy Duty Vehicles. Removing wheel nuts is made simple by the torque multipliers 1:56 ratio, this means every Nm of torque you put in, it puts out 56.


  • Ideal for heavy duty tightening and loosening
  • Dramatically increases torque output
  • Removing stubborn wheel nuts is made simple
  • Suitable for RH & LH wheel studs
  • Robust construction for low maintenance and durability
  • Convenient reaction foot design for stability
  • Packed in carry case


  • Maximum Torque Output: 4800Nm
  • Trans-Speed Ratio: 1:56
  • Sockets Included: 27mm 38mm
  • Handle Extension: 210mm
  • Socket Head: 1" Drive
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Carton: 345 x 200 x 95mm

Sockets are available individually