1/2" Jumbo Hammer Compact Wrench

BORUM BR1479 1/2" Drive Jumbo Hammer Compact Air Impact Wrench (Rattle Gun)

  • $99.00
  • Save $200

½ ’ ’ D r  J u m b o  H a m m e r

C o m p a c t   A i r  I m p a c t  W r e n c h

Product # BR1479

• Handle Exhaust with Muffler

• Free Speed: 9500rpm

• Max Torque: 500ft-lb

• Avg Air Cons: 4.7cfm - 133l/min

• Overall length: 97mm

• Weight: 1.65kgs

• Patented Super Duty Composite Impact


• Lightweight & High Performance

• New High Efficiency Motor With 3 Air Inlets

Which Increases The Power Output By More

Than 10% Vs Comparable Sized Motors

• Composite Handle Reduces Weight By 15%

• Improved Throttle Valve Set For Prolonged