240HDF – RedBack Tripod & Staff Bundle

  • $200.00

240HDF – RedBack Tripod & Staff Bundle

Tripod & Staff Bundle – Heavy duty aluminium flat top tripod with 5/8″ survey thread. Together with a dual sided 2.4m telescopic aluminium staff.

The tripod features high quality aluminium construction.  It is designed for use with all laser level and dumpy levels with a standard 5/8″ survey thread.  The tripod has extendable legs with quick release clamps for easy set up.  The central locking thread is hollow which allows a plumb down laser dot to pass through.  The HDF94 tripod in this bundle also features a handy carry strap.

The 240CM3S staff supplied in the bundle features on one side a 5mm block pattern and the other with mm scale.  Fully collapsed the staff is less than 1m in length and fully extended can read up to 2.4m, so, very compact.  The staff comes supplied with a carry bag with strap and a spare locking button.  Also included is a levelling bulls eye vial for accurate measurements.  The staff can be used with any laser level receiver and also dumpy level for visible sighting.

This bundle is an ideal accessory for any rotating and outdoor line laser level with standard survey thread.