ZS POWER TG30 3″ Sewage Pump 7.5hp

ZS POWER TG30 3″ Sewage Pump 7.5hp Predator Power

  • $559.00

ZS POWER TG30 3″ Sewage Pump 7.5hp

This is THE pump to go for when you need to pump sludgy, muddy water, septic tanks or drainage sumps. This trash pump is suitable for use when the water is dirty and has soft solids up to 22mm in diameter. With up to 55,000L/hr, this pump can be used for pumping dirty water, soft muds and will move a very large volume of water on one tank of fuel.

Model TG30
Engine GB225
Displacement (cc) 224
Rated Power (hp) 7.5
Rated Torque (nm) 12.5
Pump Structure Centrifugal/Open Impeller
Max Flow (L/Hr) 55,000
Max Head Lift (m) 25
Max Suction Head (m) Rated/Max 6
Inlet-Outlet Ports (mm) 80/80
Starting System Recoil
Engine Oil Capacity (L) 0.6
Recommended Oil SAE 10w-30
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 4.2
Fuel Consumption  (G/kw/hr) 374 (max power)
Packing Dimensions (cm) LxWxH 57 x 50 x 49
Net Weight (Kg) 38
Emissions EPA


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