AUTO1P – Auto Levelling Rotating Laser with Tripod and Staff

  • $629.00

AUTO1P – Auto Levelling Rotating Laser with Tripod and Staff

The AUTO1 by Level1 is an easy to use, compact auto levelling rotating laser level. First place it on the included tripod and second unlock the pendulum, finally press the power button and your ready to work.  The AUTO1 can also operate on its side for vertical rotation, thus handy for any vertical alignment jobs you may have.  Simply place the laser on its side mount either on the floor or tripod, DO NOT unlock the pendulum and use the manual levelling bubble vial to level it off.  Power up the laser and it will start rotating, note the laser level is manually levelling in vertical mode.

Other features of the AUTO1 include; wall/side mount bracket, 3 rotation speed settings and Rubberised housing.

The AUTO1P comes complete with an LR710 electronic receiver with LCD display and standard “AA” batteries all in a soft carry bag.  Also included is a full heavy duty tripod and 2.4m Staff,  so you have everything you need to get to work.

The Level1 AUTO1 comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

  • Self Levelling (Horiz)
  • Horizontal Rotation for Levelling
  • Vertical Rotation for Alignment
  • Std Battery Operation (rechargeable batteries/charger optional accessories)
  • Electronic LCD Receiver
  • 12 Month Level1 Warranty

Includes Heavy Duty Tripod and 2.4m Staff


  • Range – 240m diameter using LR710 receiver
  • Accuracy – +/- 4mm at 20m
  • Laser Class – class 2 <1mW 635-670nm
  • Water Dust Resistance – IP54