Borum BHDTJ2 Transmission Jack - 2,000kg (Commercial Vehicles)

  • $2,197.00

Borum BHDTJ2 Transmission Jack - 2,000kg (suitable for 4WD and trucks)

This Borum Industrial 2,000kg Hydraulic Truck Transmission Jack is perfect for earthmoving equipment and truck transmission installation and removal. Features an adjustable tilt saddle, smooth, manually operated hydraulic lifting and lowering and a 360° rotating handle for better load positioning.

This Super Heavy Duty Borum Brute of a transmission jack is specifically built to handle removal, transport and installation of transmissions, transfer cases or differentials on heavy duty trucks, buses, agricultural and construction equipment. It is fully adjustable saddle with maximum tilt for easier alignment. Fitted with adjustable saddle, corner brackets and safety chains, this monster can handle all big trans lifts. The handle is a long 850mm and conveniently pivots 360° around pump and the rugged industrial grade 100mm castors provide easy manoeuvrability. A safety overload bypass system prevents hydraulic damage and handy side trays provide convenient storage for small tools and parts.


  • The adjustable head can be tilted forward, backward and side to side for optimum alignment of transmission bolt patterns and pins
  • Hydraulic system is protected from overload damage
  • Safety load-restraint for raising and lowering safety
  • Rugged steel wheels and full swivel ball bearing castors
  • User-friendly 360° rotating pumping socket for maximum multi-directional operation




  • Safe Working Capacity: 2,000kg
  • 2 Way Tilt: 30° Fore - 30° Aft 
  • Minimum Height: 210mm
  • Maximum Height: 900mm
  • Swivel Castor Wheel Dia: 100mm
  • Chassis Dimensions: 1160 x 685mm
  • Nett Weight: 130kg
  • Carton: 1220 x 720 x 300
  • Gross Weight: 140kg 


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