CHEMTOOLS CT-R81-500BT DEOX R81 Marine Grade Anti Seize

  • $59.95

CHEMTOOLS CT-R81-500BT DEOX R81 Marine Grade anti Seize

DEOX R81 Marine Grade Anti-Seize is an advanced, non-metallic compound with high resistance to saltwater corrosion in harsh marine and offshore environments. It is a non-curing, no-drip barrier designed to protect assemblies in wet, humid conditions, insulate to inhibit galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals, and reduce friction under extreme pressure and high temperatures. With R81 applied, assembly speeds of threaded components are increased, and disassembly time, even after lengthy service or severe conditions, is greatly diminished.

R81 is high performing with excellent lubricity, resists washout, and provides ongoing rust protection on sensitive or galling-prone alloys such as chrome and inconel. Marine applications commonly include anchor pullies, rigging and hoist cables, winches, pump gaskets and flanges, engine and housing fasteners, and hatch cover hinges, along with other assembly parts such as bushings, nuts and bolts, pins, studs, and screws.

Temperature Range: -50°C to +318°C