EL614S – RedBack Electronic Levelling Rotating Laser Level with Grade

  • $999.00

EL614S – RedBack Electronic Levelling Rotating Laser Level with Grade

RedBack Lasers EL614S is a fully automatic electronic self levelling laser with easy to use controls.  First place laser level on a tripod (optional extra) and secondly press the power button, in seconds it self levels and begins to rotate.  The EL614S is extremely tough with steel internal chassis safety cage and heavy duty rubberised casing. So, making this laser able to handle use day in, day out on the toughest of job sites.

The RedBack EL614S includes remote control and with this can set grades on your own.  Thus, making this laser highly useful for plumbing and drainage applications.

RedBack Lasers EL614S features TILT function in that if this is selected and the laser is disturbed or knocked the beam will stop rotating indicating something has moved.  It will only start rotating once more after you press a button, so, giving you time to check that is fine to do so.  Also featured with this model is; V W S (vibration and wind setting) when selected the EL614S will continue to spin even when making minor adjustments due to vibrations, without it selected the laser will stop rotating each time to make those minor adjustments.  Therefore, an essential feature on sites with heavy machinery or when operating in high winds.

The EL614S rotating laser with grade comes complete with Heavy Duty LR715 electronic receiver with dual LCD displays, front and back.  The EL614S comes with rechargeable batteries and charger, but, can also be used with standard “C” batteries, so you will always have a power option.  Together with the remote control everything packs away into a handy hard shell carry case.

The EL614S is especially ideal for concreters who need a tough, reliable and accurate laser, also ideal for all general site levelling applications and grade setting.

The RedBack EL614S comes with an Automatic 5 Year manufacturers warranty.

  • Electronic Self Levelling
  • Horizontal Rotation for Levelling
  • Single Grade Setting with Remote
  • Easy to Set Up and Use
  • TILT and V-W-S Vibration modes
  • Internal Steel Safety Cage
  • Direct Drive Rotation
  • INCLUDES Ni-mh Rechargeable Battery & Charger also Std “C” cell Battery Operation
  • Heavy Duty Receiver
  • 5 Year RedBack Warranty

All RedBack Laser Levels have been Checked and Calibrated in Australia and come with a FREE certificate of calibration.


  • Range – 500m diameter using LR715 receiver
  • Accuracy – +/- 1.5mm at 20m
  • Laser Class – class 2 <1mW 635-670nm red
  • Water Dust Resistance – IP55