GREENWORKS 2400807AU-KIT-4 40V 4.0ah Garden Blower Kit

  • $389.00

GREENWORKS 2400807AU-KIT-4  40V 4.0ah Garden Blower Kit


4.0Ah Blower Kit - Consists of 40V blower (PN: 2400807), 40V charger (PN: 2931802) and 4.0Ah battery (PN: 2927007)

40V Blower. Powered by innovation, not by petrol! This GREENWORKS® 40v Li-Ion powered Garden Blower features an axial fan to deliver higher wind velocity and is controlled by a variable speed trigger system. At lower speeds you can clear gravelled or stoned passageways without disturbing the stones and at higher velocity you can clear stubborn wet leaves and debris. 

Voltage 40V Max.
Air Volume 663m3/h
Motor Brushed 
Runtime (4.0Ah) *Under no load < 24 minutes
Max. Air Speed 177.01km/h 
Weight 2.33kg