GREENWORKS 7400007AU 40V Garden Cart - Skin only

  • $1,199.00

GREENWORKS 7400007AU 40V Garden Cart - Skin only


Greenworks 40V Garden Cart skin only

The GREENWORKS® three wheeled and selfpropelled 40V garden cart is convenient for transportation during heavy work in and around
your garden. It has a max load of 100kg and easy dumping with a spring assisted lift handle, making gardening easier and more  enjoyable together with family and friends. Thanks to its variable  speed and reverse function it is suited for regular walking pace. For extra safety there is a security starter key.

Voltage 40V 
Max Load 100kg
Drive System Self-propelled 
Weight 32kg
Drive Speed Up to 4.2km/h 
Max Slope 16.7 degrees
Reverse Speed 2.4km/h 
Frame Heavy duty steel
Lift Assist Yes