ZS Power HG15-LC Sinlge Impeller Mini Fire Pump

ZS POWER HG15-LC 1.5″ Fire Pump Single Impeller Mini Petrol 5hp Predator Power

  • $399.00

ZS POWER HG15-LC 1.5″ Fire Pump Single Impeller Mini Petrol 5hp

HG15-LC Fire Fighter Pump is small but powerful. It is the ultimate 1.5″ all-rounder with enough pressure to be a true fire fighter and well able to shift water across pipelines and complete water transfers . If you need a ‘do everything’ pump this is the one to go for. This pump features a rugged design and will do all your pumping needs for many many years.

ZS Power pumps are manufactured  in Zongshen’s state of the art factory using world standard quality systems and top quality components. We know quality and durability are important and all ZS power feature solid commercial grade construction giving many years of reliable service. ZS Power pumps carry a 2 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

Quality and durability are nothing without support. We carry spare parts and give an industry leading 2 year warranty on design, assembly and materials  to ensure you get simply the very best support, whenever you need it.

With 50 meters (71psi) pressure head and max flow of 25,000l/hr, this fire pump still has all the essential pressure and flow for firefighting or you can also use it for general water transfer duties. Easy starting engines and a rugged commercial engine mean your pump will last you for many years of hard service.


Model HG15-LC
Engine NH150
Displacement (cc) 149
Rated Power (hp) 5
Rated Torque (nm) 7.2
Pump Structure Centrifugal/Single Impeller
Max Flow (L/Hr) 25,000
Max Head Lift (m) 50
Max Suction Head (m) Rated/Max 5/7
Inlet-Outlet Ports (mm) 40 -40/25/25
Starting System Recoil
Engine Oil Capacity (L) 0.5
Recommended Oil SAE 10w-30
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 1.2
Fuel Consumption  (G/kw/hr) 400 (max power)
Packing Dimensions (cm) LxWxH 45 x 36 x 51
Weight (kg) 26
Emissions EPA

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