Klein VDV427-807 Punch-down Multi-Tool with 110/66 Blade and WorkEnds

  • $149.95

Product Features
Patented locking impact mechanism allows non-impact operation and sure driving with a variety of optional WorkEnds driver bits
Terminate and cut wire in one step with included precision ground combination 66 and 110 blade
Integrated Hook and Spudger for fast, easy manipulation of wire and small components
Selectable (high/low) impact-force settings
Spring loaded for fast, low-effort seating and terminating
Dual-material contoured chassis provides greater control and enhances comfort
Hook and spudger are stored neatly and compactly in the chassis, to be out of the way when not in use
Colour-coded in yellow on the CUT side of the tool
Induction-hardened high-carbon steel for durability and long life
Kit includes WorkEnds adaptor and 4 driver bits (No. 1 and No. 2 Phillips; 3/16'' [5 mm] and 1/4'' [6 mm] slotted) in a convenient carrier
Blade storage compartment with spring-loaded locking mechanism
US Patent: 8220135
Carbon steel
Punch-down Multi-tool with 110/66 Blade and WorkEnds™
0.47 lb (0.21 kg)