PEAK Brake Fluid DOT 3 1L PKBFD300

PEAK Brake Fluid DOT 3 1L PKBFD3001

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PEAK Brake Fluid DOT 3 1L PKBFD3001


PEAK BRAKE FLUID DOT 3 is a premium, high performance, high boiling point heavy duty brake fluid for superior performance in conventional disc and drum brake requiring FMVSS No 166 DOT 3, ISO 4925 Class 3, SAE J 1703, JIS K 2233 Class 3 and AS/NZ 1960 Class 1 fluid.


  • Extremely high boiling points delivering optimum performance of the brake system
  • Excellent low temperature viscosity resulting in an improvement in the brake response
  • Corrosion Protection through a specially formulated Inhibitor Package
  • Optimal Lubricity which avoids the abrasion of the brake system by friction.
  • High Elastomer Compatibility providing an improvement in Brake fluid loss

NOTE: Do not use in hydraulic/brake systems where DOT4 and DOT 5 (Silicone Brake Fluid) are specified.


  • DOT 3
  • ISO 4925 Class 3
  • SAE J1703
  • FMVSS No DOT 3
  • JIS K 2233 Class 3
  • AS/NZ 1960 Class 1