petronas syntium 5000xs 5w-30 synthetic 5l engine oil

PETRONAS 5W30 Syntium 5000 XS Synthetic Engine Oil 5L 70130M12EU

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PETRONAS 5W30 Syntium 5000 XS Synthetic Engine Oil 5L

Modern driving conditions like stop-start driving, idling in city, driving with heavy loads, acceleration on highways, driving up steep hills and many more put engines under a lot of stress that can lead to excessive heat buildup. Excessive engine heat generation is not limited to one particular country or driving patterns; it is common issue engines face across the globe.

Description and Applications

PETRONAS Syntium 5000 XS 5W-30 is formulated with CoolTech to fight excessive engine heat.

CoolTech targets the critical heat zones - engine parts affected by excessive heat inside the engine to effectively absorb & transfer the excessive heat and regulates the temperature, defending the engine critical components from damaging and loss of performance.

PETRONAS Syntium 5000 XS 5W-30 is a mid SAPS oil that is suitable for all types of passenger cars including gasoline, diesel engines (equipped with after treatment exhaust system) and latest high performance cars fitted with fuel injections, multi-valves, turbochargers or superchargers operating under most severe conditions. It is also suitable for vehicles running on biofuels.

The experience gathered by PETRONAS on the Fl circuits and most important motoring events and competitions has enabled the development of PETRONAS Syntium; a range of hi-tech lubricants capable of meeting the needs of new generation engines - both on track and on the road.

Note: Always consult your owner's manual to check recommended viscosity grade and specifications for your particular vehicle.

Main Benefits:

  • Outstanding high temperature oxidation resistance, delivering lubrication stability and prevent car breakdowns.
  • Outperforms in high temperature deposit control to improve drivability and enhances engine performance.
  • Withstanding high temperature lubricant evaporation loss to stop premature thermal degradation to help preventing engine failure from wear & tear.
  • Excellent protection to after treatment exhaust systems up to 20% reduction for ash accumulation.
  • Superior fuel economy.
  • Longer oil drain capability up to maximum specified by manufacturers.
  • Instant start-up lubrication.

PETRONAS Syntium 5000 XS 5W-30 is a fully synthetic lubricant that meets and exceeds below performances:

  • API SN/ CF
  • ACEA C3
  • MB-Approval 229.51
  • BMW Longlife 04
  • Dexos 2
  • MB-229.31
  • VW 505 01