Petronas Arbor MTF 10W-30 20L 76343RY1EU

Petronas Arbor MTF 10W-30 20L 76343RY1EU Transmission Oil

  • $179.00

Petronas Arbor MTF 10W-30 20L

Agricultural and construction machinery is the lifeblood of your business. Ensuring that they are always working tirelessly and efficiently is the Number One priority. Machinery requires the best fluid technology to perform longer, especially when operating under severe conditions.

Description and Applications

PETRONAS Arbor MTF 10W-30 is a premium quality universal tractor transmission oil (U.T.T.O.) dedicated to agricultural and construction machinery, ensuring their efficiency and offering a longer service life. Perfect solution for high and long-lasting performance for your hard-daily work, protecting your tireless machinery from loss of performance and unplanned downtime. PETRONAS Arbor MTF 10W-30 is suitable for transmissions, final drives, hydraulic systems and wet brakes of farm tractors and machinery.


PETRONAS Arbor MTF 10W-30 enhances your Business Profits and your vehicle availability while significantly reducing your operating costs through: - High anti-wear properties of the mechanical components of the of the transmission and hydraulic system - Excellent capability to keep transmission and hydraulic systems clean from deposits and sludge Provides outstanding Working Experience through: - High braking efficiency deriving from the presence of balanced friction modifiers - Prompt response of the servo controls of the hydraulic circuit ensured by the viscometric stability to changes in temperatures that determines a high and constant pressure in the system - Excellent low temperature viscosity for improved lubrication during start-up

Approvals, Specifications and Recommendations

Specifications: • API GL-4


• ZF TE-ML 03E, 05F, 17E, 21F Performance Level:


• Allison C4

• CAT TO-2

• Denison HF-0/HF-2

• John Deere JDM J20C

• Massey Ferguson CMS M1145

• Massey Ferguson CMS M1143

• Massey Ferguson CMS M1141

• Massey Ferguson CMS M1135

• NH 410 B • Fendt

• FNHA-2-C-201.00

• Ford ESN-M2C134-D

• MAT 3525

• HCE-102

• Kubota UDT Fluid

• Valtra G2-08, G2-B10

 • VCE WB 101

• SDFG OT-1891