petronas hydraulic 68 18l hydraulic oil

PETRONAS Hydraulic 68 18L 77570P41MY

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PETRONAS Hydraulic 68 18L 77570P41MY

PETRONAS Hydraulic Series are high performance anti-wear hydraulic fluids specially developed for a wide range of mobile and industrial hydraulic equipment operating under normal to heavy duty conditions. Formulated with high quality selected base oils enhanced with advanced anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-rust and anti-foam additives, PETRONAS Hydraulic fluids provide high anti-wear protection, smooth operation of the hydraulic system and up to 3x longer lasting performance*.

PETRONAS Hydraulic Series meet or exceed key industrial specifications and OEM requirements.


PETRONAS Hydraulic Series are recommended for use in:

 various mobile hydraulic and industrial hydraulic systems operating under normal to heavy duty conditions

 hydraulic systems demanding high quality anti-wear fluids Conditionally they may also be used in circulation, splash, bath and ring oiling systems feeding lubricant to gears and bearings. However please consult our local Technical Service Team and/or OEM manual before application.

Performance Levels

 ASTM D 6158 HM (2005)

 Bosch Rexroth RD90220

 DIN 51524 Part II HLP (2006)

 Eaton 03-401-2010

 Fives Cincinnati P-68/P-69/P-70

 GM LS-2 (2004)

 ISO 11158 HM (FDIS 2008)

 JCMAS HK P041 (2004)

 Parker Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2

 SAE MS1004

 SEB 181 222 (2007)

 US Steel 126, 127 and 136