petronas paraflu 11 20l coolant

Petronas Paraflu 11 Ready 20L Coolant 76684R41EU

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Petronas Paraflu 11 20L

Ready to use

Long life engine coolant, antifreeze and protective fluid. Ready to use. Based on ethylene glycol organic corrosion inhibitors and aversive agent. Ready to use. Formerly known as ACTIFULL. PETRONAS PARAFLU HT P USO BITREX Coolant Benefits: • Special fully OAT (Organic Acid Technology) formulation that allows extended life and therefore, longer coolant change intervals. Does not require the use of supplemental coolant additives (SCAs). • Superior protection against corrosion of the metal components of the engine and cooling system with which it comes in contact. • High compatibility with all non-metal components of the engine and cooling system (seals, hoses, reserve tanks, etc.) • Prevents cylinder liner cavitation. • Protects the cooling system from electrochemical corrosion. • Reduces the formation of deposits in the cooling system to enhance pump efficiency and duration • Improved heat transfer capability. • It meets the ASTM D 6210 Specification for fully-formulated Ethylene-Glycol-Base engine coolant for heavy-duty engines.

Meets the Specifications:

• ASTM D 6210 Type 3-FF

• MAT 3624

• CUNA NC 956-16