TENG TOOLS TCM272EVANBK 12 Drawer Metric/AF Eva Kit

  • $2,795.00

TENG TOOLS TCM272EVANBK 12 Drawer Metric/AF Eva Kit

TengTools has become the first choice for many industrial users all over the world. Our unique ‘Get Organised’ system allows professionals to build a custom tool kit to suit their own individual needs. Professionals in many industries may require tools to be stored in EVA foam. We have an extensive range of EVA tool trays that can be used with our clever storage options to create a bespoke tool kit ready for the demands of any workshop. TengTools has been used in the toughest environments around the world and is built to last. We offer a complete solution of high quality tools at a reasonable price. Our tools are used by companies that do not compromise on quality. Our extensive range offers an opportunity for buyers to find an optimal assortment with regard to quality, range and price.

Drawer 1

  • TED1489 - 1/4" Dr. 89pc Metric Socket Set
  • TED3836 - 3/8" Dr. 36pc Metric Socket Set
  • TEXEXT13 - 13pc Extension Bar Set

Drawer 2

  • TED1227 - 1/2" Dr. 27pc Metric Socket Set
  • TED911N - 11pc Screwdriver Set
  • TEX915N - 5pc Screwdriver Set

Drawer 3

  • TED6515 - 15pc Combination Spanner Set 5.5-19mm
  • TED441-T - 5pc Plier Set
  • TEX2032 - 7pc Combination Spanner Set 20-32mm

Drawer 4

  • TTEAF62 - 62 Pc AF Tool Set


  • Top Chest - TC805NFXBK - 5 Drawer Deep Chest Black
  • Roll Cabinet - TCW807NBK - 7 Drawer Roll Cab Black