Tradequip 1038T Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner 27 Litre

  • $2,329.00


 The TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" ultrasonic parts cleaner makes it easy to clean items like carbies, calipers, nuts & bolts, most small metal parts - even jewellery. Just fill the cleaner with water, mix in a desirable ultrasonic cleaning additive (sold separately), set the timer and walk away to get on with another job. The ultrasonic cleaner works with or without heat and provides deep cleaning using ultrasound technology and water. The adjustable temperature and timer gives you a variety of cleaning performance options.

All TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" ultrasonic parts cleaners incorporate Lateral Oscillation Technology for fast and effective cleaning results. The internal basket system allows the lid to seal the working solution avoiding evaporation and reducing ultrasonic acoustic levels. The clear and easy design with compact and quiet operation make these products the market leaders. All TradeQuip tanks are manufactured from professional 304 grade 2mm stainless steel, with added thickness and increased corrosion resistance to alleviate problems associated with the use of citric acid. REGULAR CLEANING IS A MUST!  Failure to do so may void warranty. Electropolishing passivates stainless steel to a greater extent than any other process. It applies an invisible protection oxide fill on the surface which imparts a condition of maximum resistance to attack and corrosion. The tank is fitted with a convenient drain valve to empty and thoroughly clean any traces of cleaning solution and contaminants that are left over from cleaning cycle. This should be carried out at the end of each cleaning cycle and the tank be stored empty, clean and dry. 

Particularly useful for mechanical, panel repair, small engine, electronics, jewellery, metal parts, assemblies, optical, electronic tools, circuit boards and other high performance cleaning applications.

The TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" ultrasonic parts cleaner is the most effective and efficient method for object cleaning slits, grooves, deep hole, blind hole, surface cleaning, removing oil, rust, oxides, etc.


Please note: Dependant on the setting of your temperature, solution ratio and power level, a cool down period of up to 30minutes may be required between cycles. Dependant on your application, complete cleaning result and cool down period requirements will vary. To reduce cycle times, use hot water at around 50°C instead of cold water.

Recommended TradeQuip Cleaning Fluid                   All TradeQuip spare parts available in Australia!



  • Adjustable timer from 1–30 minutes for perfect results
  • Cleaning basket included for cleaning batches of smaller parts
  • Remove more dirt with 20°– 80°C adjustable temperature
  • Sound-reducing cover
  • For use with water base solutions
  • High ultrasonic power for more cleaning action
  • Easy to read digital timer
  • Heated water function for improved cleaning when needed
  • Professional electroplated tank
  • Turbo ultrasonic power option to meet more cleaning needs
  • One-button power switch on the back, double security
  • Time setting: 0-30 minutes can be adjustable
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Innovative heating mode, match thermostat sensor, improves the cleaning effect
  • New prevent water leak technology, guarantees product safety and service life
  • High efficiency conversion circuit, ultrasonic performance than similar products more than 20%,higher cleaning efficiency
  • Cylindrical LED light display for time and temperature adjusting
  • User-friendly and clear panel
  • 304 Grade stainless steel tank
  • High-performance transducer systems
  • All spare parts available!


  • Tank Capacity: 27 Litres
  • Ultrasonic Power: 500W
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz
  • Ultrasonic Transducers: 10x50W
  • Heating Power: 500W
  • Heating Temperature: 20-80 C
  • Timer Range: 0-30 Minutes
  • Tank Material: 304 Grade 2mm thick
  • Tank Size: 500(L) x 300(W) x 200(H)mm
  • Internal Dimension of Basket (including handles): 450 x 260 x 125 mm
  • Dimensions: 550(L) x 330(W) x 360(H)mm
  • Carton: 700 x 420 x 470mm
  • Weight: 19.5kg


Intended use

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners are designed to use high frequency small bubbles in a cleaning tank to remove contaminants on a variety of parts and even debris embedded in tiny cracks and crevices.


REGULAR CLEANING IS A MUST!  Failure to do so may void warranty. 

  • This unit is a technologically advanced piece of equipment.  This is not a Degreaser
  • This is not a Parts Washer.  Dirty Fluid & Sediment build up on the base of the tub will lead to premature failure of the Heating Element & Transducers
  • This unit requires emptying & cleaning between used to ensure the Heating Element & the Transducers can function as per specification

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications?

  • Decarbonise and remove gum from carburettors
  • Cleaning fuel injectors
  • Degrease cam shaft, cylinder head and engine block components
  • Cleaning metal, fabric and ceramic filters
  • Strip and clean hydraulic pump bodies and parts
  • Refurbish diesel pumps
  • Diesel particulate filters
  • Remove sludge from pump components
  • Clean and degrease outboard and motorcycle heads and barrels
  • Removing carbon, grease and sludge from intake manifold components

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is based on the cavitation effect caused by high frequency ultrasonic wave vibration signal in the fluid.  Microscopic bubbles are formed, and they implode violently causing the cavitation which creates an intense scrubbing action on the small enough to penetrate microscopic crevices, cleaning them thoroughly and consistently. Ultrasonic cleaning is extremely effective at removing dirt and grime which would normally require tedious manual cleaning by hand.  This unit can be used to clean a wide variety of instruments and mechanical parts such as carburettors, returning them to almost “like new” condition without damage to delicate parts. 


About the TradeQuip brand 

Our Flagship brand of garage and workshop equipment, TradeQuip is designed for use in a demanding garage and workshop environment by trade users. With proven and trusted “Made for the Trade” reliability, TradeQuip branded products offer the very best in performance for an affordable price. The TradeQuip range is covered by a 12 month trade use warranty.