Tradequip 1054T Vehicle Positioning Jacks 680kg

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These TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" Vehicle Positioning Jacks make manoeuvring vehicles safely and easily, without touching the chassis! Constructed from high-quality powder-coated steel, they have an impressive lifting capacity of 680kg each.

TradeQuip is a brand synonymous with premium quality automotive lifting equipment, and therefore these jacks are ideal for use in commercial premises such as mechanics and panel beaters workshops, car dealerships, as well as home garages.

The smooth foot action squeezes the support legs together to lift the tyre off the ground, and the locking pin ensures optimum safety. Heavy-duty nylon swivel castor wheels enable the rolling of cars, quad bikes, vans and light trucks into tight areas with ease. Relocating non-running vehicles or shells will never again be a drama!

This pair of positioning jacks will allow 180ᵒ pivoting, add you can add an extra pair to allow for 360ᵒ manoeuvrability.

We often forget that working with cars and other vehicles can be a dangerous job. It’s easy to get complacent about yours and your employees’ safety when you have years of experience, however accidents can happen to anyone. Although garage and bottle jacks can lift heavy loads they are not designed to keep them there, so when the vehicle has been jacked up it’s crucial that it is placed on a jack stand.

TradeQuip jack stands are excellently designed to ensure you maximum safety. They have wide feet providing a strong base and a unique locking pin so there is no risk of them slipping.   


  • Steel Construction with metal rollers
  • Heavy duty nylon swivel castors for great manoeuvrability
  • Easy foot-pedal lifting design smoothly raises a vehicle
  • Lifting rollers make tyre contact only
  • 2 jacks permit full 180° vehicle pivot
  • 4 jacks place vehicle on a 360° rolling platform
  • Lead-free paint finish is applied after a thorough chemical wash to ensure a long-lasting finish and to help prevent rust
  • Paint is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup
  • Quick action adjustable height mechanism
  • Sold in pairs and only recommended to be used in pairs


  • Safe Working Capacity: 680kg each
  • Suits Tyres up to:  280mm (W)
  • Swivel Castors: 100mm
  • Max Distance Between Rollers: 710mm
  • Min Distance Between Rollers: 340mm
  • Nett Weight: 15kg
  • Carton: 620 x 190 x 190mm
  • Gross Weight: 16kg

Intended Use

For easy movement of vehicles that are inoperable due to parts removal or other mechanical problems to free up hoists and jack stands for other work to be performed. 

NOTE: Sold in pairs and only recommended to be used in pairs

IMPORTANT:   NEVER get beneath a vehicle that is only supported by a jack. ALWAYS chock the vehicle wheels and use jack stands.

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About the TradeQuip brand

The 'TradeQuip' brand of workshop equipment, is designed for use in a demanding workshop environment by professional users. With proven and trusted “Made for the Trade” reliability, 'TradeQuip'  branded products offer the very best in performance for an affordable price. All backed by a 1year trade guarantee across 1,000+ distributors Australia wide.