Tradequip 2063T Transmission Lifter (Jack) - 1,000kg SUV/4X4/LIGHT COMMERCIAL

  • $1,379.00

Tradequip 2063T Transmission Lifter (Jack) - 1,000kg


This TradeQuip "Made for the Trade"  1,000kg Transmission Lifter is designed for passenger car, 4WD & Light commercial transmission installation and removal. It features a universal mounting cradle that provides a 4 way tilt range and a manually operated hydraulic system with smooth hydraulic lift and descent. The hydraulic system also includes a bypass system to prevent over extension and accidental overloading. The sturdy and stable design offers safety and security when removing and installing large and heavy transmissions.


  • Designed for Passenger Car, 4WD & Light Commercial Transmissions
  • Base frame constructed of high-grade steel
  • 2-Stage hydraulic lift
  • High quality large diameter hydraulic cylinder
  • Universal 4 way tilt cradle with safety chains
  • Lead-free paint finish for a long-lasting finish
  • Paint finish is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup
  • Heavy-duty steel swivel castors



    • Safe Working Capacity: RWD/FWD/AWD/4X4 GVM <3,200KG
    • Rated Capacity: 1000kg
    • Working Height: 940-1920mm
    • Lifting Platform Size: 280 x 280mm
    • Lifting Platform Bracket Ranges ID: 250 x 250mm to 410 x 410mm
    • Forward Tilt: 15˚
    • Rearward Tilt: 10˚
    • Side Tilt: 9˚
    • Side Tilt: 11˚
    • Gross Weight: 82.5kg

    Intended Use

    Designed for the removal, installation and transportation (in the lowered position) of passenger vehicle transmissions that are raised by an in-ground or above-ground lift. 

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