Tradequip 3036 Blasting Cabinet 420 Litre (Sand Blaster)

  • $3,405.00

Tradequip 3036 Blasting Cabinet 420 Litre (Sand Blaster)

The TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" 3036T Blasting Cabinet features a large gaslift assisted front door for easy loading and unloading. It has excellent lighting and a very powerful vacuum system. The lower hopper stores the abrasive material for use and reuse and opens easily to allow easy removal of any media. Always ready to use when you are, the cabinet can be constantly connected to your air supply and is ready for immediate use when you step on the pedal.

The 3036T uses a foot pedal to control the flow of abrasives from the air nozzle. The foot pedal allows the operator to just “hold and point” the nozzle rather than the need to “pull a trigger” of other sandblast cabinets which can cause hand fatigue during prolonged use.

The 3036T incorporates a powerful vacuum dust extraction system that keeps the work area free of "floating" rust and used abrasive media particles. After the media particles “slams against” the surface to be cleaned, a portion of the bead is "destroyed" and becomes almost weightless. The vacuum system removes the "floating" rust particles and the "used up" media particle shells while the “good beads’ fall into the hopper below the work surface. 

Use this blasting cabinet to remove scale or heavy rust from automotive parts, clean up rusty tools, etch glass, or any other special application. 


  • Perfect for surface preparation on any type of irregular surfaces where other forms of preparation such as sanding are difficult
  • Ideal for removing paint, rust, scale and oxidation on various irregular surfaces
  • Large viewing window gives the operator a wide viewing area
  • Oversized hinged top door opening allows the operator to easily load a wide variety of items into the blast cabinet
  • Large inside work area allows the operator to easily maneuver bulky items inside the cabinet
  • Hinged door on hopper allows for easy changing of the the abrasive
  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel legs provide strength and a stable footprint
  • Fluorescent light kit and 90CFM dust collector help the operator to maintain a good visual in heavy blasting operations
  • Rear-mounted dust collector helps minimise floor space needed for operation
  • Replaceable protective window and light underlay to protect and extend the life of the viewing window and light cover
  • Foot-pedal-controlled siphon blast gun helps to reduce operator hand fatigue
  • Ideal for blasting engine parts, wheels, gearboxes etc
  • Grate capacity of 70kg allows the operator to blast heavier items such as cylinder heads


  • Cabinet Capacity: 420 Litres
  • 4 Ceramic Nozzles: 2x5mm, 2x6mm
  • Maximum Media Capacity: 70kg
  • Maximum Air Pressure: 125psi
  • Required Air Supply: 15-25CFM
  • Sand Blasting efficiency: 100cm²/min
  • Optimum Operating Pressure 60-110psi
  • Height:  1680mm
  • Depth: 940mm (including the dust extractor)
  • Width: 1180mm
  • Floor to the top of fully open door: 1800mm
  • Nett Weight: 120kg
  • Carton: 1270 x 1250 x 760mm
  • Gross Weight: 157kg


Print version                                                  Owners Manual  


Choosing the right abrasive media


Garnet is one of the last few abrasives that are naturally mined. It is an industrial gemstone that creates a profile virtually free of embedment, which makes it excellent for coating adhesion, as well as applications where low or no transfer of grit into the substrate can be tolerated. Garnet is generally used when paint, rust, and scale have to be removed from steel, such as car/truck frames, tanks, heavy machinery, farm equipment, etc. Garnet is one of the most economical abrasive and is the best choice for large blast projects. Best uses: rust removal, heavy scale removal, paint and coatings removal on heavy-gauge steel.

Crushed Glass

Crushed Glass or Glass Beads would have to be one of the most popular forms of blast media and can be used on a variety of dustless blasting and abrasive blasting projects across all industry sectors. Using crushed glass means you know you are using a eco friendly and recycled product that helps the environment. If you’re looking to achieve a smooth, bright finish, glass beads can be your best option. Glass beads are also recyclable and can be used up to 100 times before replacement, making them an extremely cost-effective option. Glass bead media works well on soft metals like aluminum and brass as well as plastic. Works with a blasting gun or in a blast cabinet.


About the TradeQuip brand

The 'TradeQuip' brand of workshop equipment, is designed for use in a demanding workshop environment by professional users. With proven and trusted “Made for the Trade” reliability, 'TradeQuip'  branded products offer the very best in performance for an affordable price. All backed by a 1year trade guarantee across 1,000+ distributors Australia wide.