Tradequip 3054 Soda Blasting Retrofit Kit

  • $118.00

Tradequip 3054 Soda Blasting Retrofit Kit

The TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" Soda Blasting Retrofit Kit is designed for use in conjunction with our 19, 37 and 75 Litre Mobile Sand Blasting Kits. Quick and simple to fit and use. Switching to Soda Blasting is especially suitable for removing paint without harming sheet metal, glass, or chrome Perfect for restorations in the classic car market as soda will not etch glass and will not warp or remove metalwork. Surface will be left silky smooth. Soda also leaves a rust inhibitor behind for up to six weeks.

Convert your Mobile Sand Blasting Kit into a soda blaster in less than 15 minutes!

  • Soda won't damage or warp metal
  • Perfect for stripping fiberglass
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Strips without chemicals

Now there's no need to buy a separate soda blaster if you already have one of our mobile sand blasting kits. Our Tradequip Soda Blasting Retrofit Kit allows you to convert either a 3/8" or 1/2" sand blaster into a soda blaster.

More Uses for Bicarbonate Soda (Baking Soda) Blasters:

You can also use bicarbonate soda blast media (NOT household baking soda) to remove graffiti and grime from brick, concrete, limestone, granite and other surfaces. Other uses included cleaning of delicate substrates; architectural and industrial cleaning; paint stripping; corrosion removal. Use to remove mold and mildew stains from pools, cement, brick, tile, granite, sound stucco, siding and more. Safely strip paint from aircraft aluminum, trucks, motorcycles. Bicarbonate soda also works brilliantly for fast removal of thick oils and grease from engines and floors.