Zs Power ZG15 1.5" Transfer Pump

ZS POWER XG15-1 Water Transfer Pump 1.5” Predator Power

  • $293.00

ZS POWER XG15-1 Water Transfer Pump 1.5”

Looking for a top quality water pump with rugged engine? Look no more. We have 40mm Transfer Pump with a rugged commercial grade engine. This transfer pump is one of our best-sellers and with good reason. It is highly portable and able to move water or diesel fuel and for a little pump, it moves a lot of water. With a reliable 4 stroke engine, this pump has a long life and provides years of service. This small water pump can do up to 15,000L/hr, it can be used for filling machines with fuel, watering duties, smaller water transfer jobs and is the all-time favourite for home, hobby farm or industry.

All our ZS Power water pumps also come with full part support and industry leading 2 year warranty on design, assembly and materials to ensure you get simply the very best support, which is even suitable for commercial use. Each and every ZS Power engines have cast iron cylinder liner for extended reliability and consistent water delivery along with a transistorised ignition for easy starting.

Model XG15-1
Engine NH80
Displacement (cc) 79
Rated Power (hp) 2.5
Rated Torque (nm) 3.7
Pump Structure Centrifugal/Single Impeller
Max Flow (L/Hr) 15,000
Max Head Lift (m) 15
Max Suction Head (m) Rated/Max 6
Inlet-Outlet Ports (mm) 40/40
Starting System Recoil
Engine Oil Capacity (L) 0.5
Recommended Oil SAE 10w-30
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 1.2
Fuel Consumption  (G/kw/hr) 389 (max power)
Packing Dimensions (cm) LxWxH 41 x 36 x 43
Net Weight (Kg) 13
Emissions EPA


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