ZS POWER WG30 3″ Transfer Pump 7.5hp

ZS POWER WG30 3″ Transfer Pump 7.5hp Predator Power

  • $389.00

ZS POWER WG30 3″ Transfer Pump 7.5hp

This is our 80mm Water Transfer Pump with 3” outlet and 55m3 per hour delivery from ZS Power. It can shift 55 tonnes of water an hour with up to 30 metres head, ideal for water trucks or more than enough grunt to pump rain water into your tanks, or any other general water transfer jobs you have. We stock spare parts for all ZS Power products we sell and it is NOT expensive. We do 2-year warranty and spare part support for our ZS Power pumps.

Model WG30
Engine GB225
Displacement (cc) 225
Rated Power (hp) 7.5
Rated Torque (nm) 12.5
Pump Structure Centrifugal/Open Impeller
Max Flow (L/Hr) 55,000
Max Head Lift (m) 30
Max Suction Head (m) Rated/Max 7
Inlet-Outlet Ports (mm) 50/50
Starting System Recoil
Engine Oil Capacity (L) 0.6
Recommended Oil SAE 10w-30
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 4.2
Fuel Consumption  (G/kw/hr) 374 (max power)
Packing Dimensions (cm) LxWxH 53 x 42 x 45
Net Weight (Kg) 26
Emissions EPA


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